Short Documentary Film

An animated documentary exploring neurodiversities such as dyslexia, following the journey of an ant as a metaphor for functioning outside of a system. The film is a self reflection on my own journey through life and of feeling out of place in the world.


Trailer for my graduation film, 'Diffrerent', from Kingston University 2017.



Nominated Best First-Time Film at Lift-Off Global Network Season Awards 12th Jan 2018, United Kingdom.

Winner Best Short Film at Lift-Off Global Network First-Time Filmmakers Showcase 25th Oct 2017, United Kingdom.

Winner Best Animation Super Short at AltFF 25th Sept 2017, Canada.

Semi-Finalist at Los Angeles CineFest 7th Sept 2017, United States.



Official Selection at Global Film Festival Awards 30th Nov 2018, United States.

Official Selection at Athens ANIMFEST 15th-18th Mar 2018, Greece.

Official Selection at London Lift-Off Global Network Film Festival 4th-9th Dec 2017, United Kingdom.

Official Selection at Cardiff International Film Festival 27th-29th Oct 2017, United Kingdom.

Official Selection at Warsaw Ave Film Festival 21st Oct 2017, United States.

Official Selection at Linoleum International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival 28th Sept-1st Oct 2017, Ukraine.

Official Selection at Sydney World Film Festival 22nd Sept 2017, Australia.

Screened and exhibited at the OXO Bargehouse with 'More Kingston' 22nd-25th June 2017, United Kingdom.

Tom Fisher

Director / Writer / Designer / Animator

Kalle Jurvanen

Composer / Sound Designer


Film Stills

Full Film

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